Official Trailer | Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers | Disney+

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[Music] what’s the first thing that pops into your head when i say chip and dale i bet it’s these guys but certainly the second would be those rascally cartoon chipmunks chip and dale what if i did something like i am into [Music] just want to remind you guys i’ll be at fancon this afternoon hey watch out i’m keeping myself fit and you know my updated modern look don’t you think you’d have more fans here if chip did these events with you i haven’t thought about him in a while i should give him a call see how life’s treating him life is the worst which is why you need good insurance a message on my landline i don’t like that i know you’re still mad about rescue rangers getting canceled but i just got a call from the police and i need your help i searched the perimeter no clues why would there be six missing tunes in a month and not one clue oh no chip gail you look different it’s no secret i had the cgi surgery what’s been up with you you know this that other vague things to fill the space of this conversation cool we can see what we can find out and then pass it along to the officer but that’s all we’re gonna do so you’re saying the rescue rangers are back yes you two come poking around where you don’t belong and i can’t have that what are you looking at honestly your weird dead eyes over here go get em [Music] i was always more of an alvin and the chipmunks person you monster it was like professional this is incredible oh my god we lost